Who was Pat Cooper ? The Lone Endeavor

This page shows a letter from  Kaye Miller

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS COMES OF AGE mentiones her on page 91ff

My lawyer friend sent him the prepublication copy of the Big Book,
and he gobbled it up. He insisted on going straight to Akron, where
he placed himself under the tutelage of Dr. Bob and the benign influence
of Wally G., in whose home he lived for a time. His ex-wife
Kaye M. was not an alcoholic, but she turned up in New York, full
of enthusiasm about A.A. for itself. She was inspired with the same
spirit which is found in the Family Groups of today.
...                                                 When he was shown the
book Alcoholics Anonymous and was told what Kaye had seen at the
twin Meccas of Akron and New York, he became more hopeful and
asked Kaye to join forces with him, but with certain reservations.

We received Kaye's letter with gratitude from AA Archives in California

Here follows the letter. If you want to send us a transcript please write to email@aabbsg.de


Remember Pat Cooper and how he got sober on the advance sheets of the Book--his story “Lone Endeavor” was in the first edition. I looked him up as you asked me to Bill. I know he slipped and went East--but at long last he is again trying A.A. He may make it this time.