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Here is a report how AA Inc. threatened a whole AA group with criminal prosecution should they not stop to carry the message. The principles of anonymity and AA Warranty V were abandoned by AA Inc. Click here! for the whole story  Hi, AA group members ! Stop your 12th step work or else ...


A scientific research revaled differences between BBSG and German GSO versions of the big book.

See the results bbsg_ver.zip

BBSG translated the multilith manuscript , because we were sure there were no restrictions by any copyright protection on it. German GSO sold a translation of 1983 based on the 3rd Edition of 1976, but this had many mistakes. For example: The 11 chapters contain the word "spiritual" 108 times in the multilith manuscript and 106 times in the 3rd Edition. The translation of 1983 contains the word "spiritual" only eight times. Caused by anti-spiritual resentments it was mostly replaced by "seelisch -- psychological" and/or by "geistig -- intellectual". This, among other faults, diluted the spiritual foundations of our recovery program and resulted in an extremly high relapse rate of more than 95% among German AA members. We felt obliged to take action. Our BBSG translation of has the correct German word "spirituell". There is more background information available at





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