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A cow is riding on a bicycle in front of you. Are you allowed to overtake in this situation?

a) No. The cow may pull out to the left. (19 points)

b) Cows are not allowed to ride on bicycles. Obviously, this is a trick question. (0 points)

What does this road sign mean?

a) Attention! Every 50 minutes a deer is crossing the road. (2 points)

b) Attention! 50 meters long deer are crossing the road. (77 points)

c) No through road for deer with an overall length of 50 meters. (109 points)

You have mistaken the lane. What are you going to do?

a) I back into the tunnel to look for a turnoff. (87 points)

b) I leave the car behind, look for a phone box and call the information. (3 points)

You drive along a country road and become witness to the above scene. What do you do?

a) I throw a danger sign into the water to warn the shipping. (123 points)

b) I inform the nearest pollution control office. (7 points)

This is not a very good driver. Why?

a) There's a learner plate missing on his car. (12 points)

b) I don't find he is driving too bad. (299 points)

You see the above picture in the rear-view mirror of your car. What do you do?

a) I make a note of the license plate and report the driver to the police. (100 points)

b) I turn the rear-view mirror upside down. (1000 points)

You realise that there are two centerlines in the roadway. What do you do?

a) I try to drive in the middle of the two lines. (287 points)

b) This must be a fata morgana. I put a hand over one eye to see only one line and drive on. (77 points)

c) I inform the road construction authorities, because there must be a planning error. (109 points)

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