Reflections of a Sober Life

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This page is dedicated to the God of our understanding. It contains a collection of words that may inspire you. If some heart is made lighter, some family happier, or some soul strengthened, we will feel bountifully repaid for my effort. The Anonymous Authors.

Reflection 1: Through AA, we can stop dreaming our lives & start living.

Reflection 2: You may be the only example of the Big Book anyone ever sees. So live sober & serenely, not just at meetings.

Reflection 3: Anger is a condition were the tongue works faster than the mind.

Reflection 4: Sharing things with a sponsor usually brings things into proper focus & can restart a rotten day.

Reflection 5: You can't stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.

Reflection 6: There is nothing worse than a head full of AA & a belly full of hootch (booze).

Reflection 7: I don't stay sober by getting a mail. I stay sober by giving a mail.

Reflection 8: God says, "Can't you see, how great it is, to just be.

Reflection 9: Listen to the magic of life. Sometimes it is silent or a tear or a smile.

Reflection 10: Don't work Step 12, use it -- the key word is practice.

Reflection 11: The sun not only shines outside; in my heart too.

Reflection 12: A man who can't laugh at himself should be given a mirror.

Reflection 13: It's a daily struggle, with no holidays -- for just this 24 hours, I don't drink alcohol.

Reflection 14: Procrastination is like a credit card. It's a lot of fun, until you get the bill.

Reflection 15: Don't be too involved with AA 12th Stepping. We are only the channel. It's up to the pigeon & HP. It's only do gooders who think they're God & can get people sober.

Reflection 16: You can't sell soul, but you can sell you awareness of it.

Reflection 17: Don't take that first drink, even if your ass falls off.

Reflection 18: When nearly the whole group chanted -- "Keep Coming Back" -- at the end of an AA meeting, one member softly said: "Stay!"

Reflection 19: If you are looking for sympathy, you'll find it in the dictionary between shit & syphilis.

Reflection 20: Nothing is small when it is done out of love.

Reflection 21: Time to seize the day, hoping that during these 24 hours I won't choke the hell out of it.

Reflection 22: On his 20th AA anniversary, an old-timer turned to his sponsor, gloating, "Ha! You thought I'd never make it!" The sponsor, with 30 years, answers, "Who says you've made it?"

Reflection 23: Those who judge don't matter; those who matter don't judge.

Reflection 24: How on earth did I survive the ravages of this illness? God had some other purpose for my life than the idiotic & desperate way I was living it.

Reflection 25: Oh great spirit whose voice I hear in the winds... Make me strong, not to be superior to my brother... But to fight my greatest enemy... myself.

Reflection 26: To live is to change & to have lived well is to have changed often.

Reflection 27: It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Reflection 28: A closed mind is a wonderful thing to loose.

Reflection 29: When dreams turn to dust, you know it's time to vacuum.

Reflection 30: When you cannot find peace in yourself, it is useless to look for it elsewhere.

Reflection 31: I don't need a lot of fancy, external trappings to be happy. Real happiness comes from within.

Reflection 32: Self-forgiveness cleanses soul, washing away shame & guilt, & provides power to extend forgiveness to others.

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