Documents concerning AAWS history
 Business Report of Works Publishing in full length
Keep in mind, that one Dollar in 1938 could buy, what today 100 Dollars can. A post card needed a 1 Cent stamp only and the average monthly income of an employed worker was around $40.

April 1939 until end of June 1940 covers a period of 15 months.
2,405 books in 15 months makes for an average of 160 books per month
$2.50 revenue per book makes for $400 profit per month.

Works Publishing Inc.was founded June 20th, 1940.
Herbert Taylor was President and Horace Crystal was Vice-President.
Bill Wilson was not involved for a reason. He had privately eaten up thousands of dollars stock subsriber cash plus Charles B. Towns donations and other monies. When the book was printed, but not paid, the police came after him, because he had also taken the money for Cornwall Press Inc. and not paid because he had tried to take  the book for himself alone.

The Rockefeller Dinner took place Feb 8, 1940.

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