Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting

Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting has been consistent through the years. The proposal to separate "Services" from "Publishing" follows historical accounting and financial practices and reporting procedures.

Robert P. M.
General Service Board Treasurer
" A.A. Past, Present, Future" -Financial Section -
Presented to the General Service Conference 4/27/92

I. Current structure weakness
a. Unwieldy size/complexity increases risks of things going wrong.
b. Over concentration of responsibility/control for diverse activities in highly  rotational A.A.W.S. Board.
c. Competing lines of authority/communication.
II. Proposed
 a. Activity separation simplifies, reduces size and complexity of single entity.
 b. Improved accountability/responsiveness from diffused power.
 c. Clear and shorter lines of authority and channels of communication.
III. Risk/Reward
a. Change increases uncertainty and raised management difficulties shorter term.
b. But vulnerability to personality/potential for mismanagement diminished.* (*NB: Must prevent past mistakes that could have been disastrous/caused alot of anguish to set right.)
c. Better linkage of G.S.B. to Groups through service structure.
d. Longer term enhances General Manager's opportunity to focus on important matters.
e. May save time/dollar cost of extended monthly meetings.
f. Mayhelp A.A. to focus on A.A.  -better service from NY, more efficient publishing  -improved outreach potential -less internal obstacles to growth