AA Guessing Game

Did you ever hear, that A.A. does only take money from members and is declining all outside contributions?

Archive documents

Suggested Solutions
"What A.A. G.S.O.  NY did not tell the delegates" a letter to all delegates
"I would have given my right arm to have tickets to a BOWL GAME" a letter to the General Service Board
"Other creative proposals have also been previously offered" a tricky letter from NY
To be informed is not in the "best interest of the Fellowship" warm, cordial ignorance from the General Service Board
A vote by 3/4 of all AA groups no longer required for amendment of 7th Tradition" recent letter from a DCM
The Minority Report
That all Convention transactions be negotiated up front on paper and that no cash/check monies from outside sources be a part of the transaction.This would be acceptable to those who feel there isn't a difference in principle between paper and cash. It would relieve the pressure of the minority view that believes there is a great difference.
That all monies ($250,000) from San Diego be refunded, returning us to our long standing principles of self-support.

That all monies ($100,000) negotiated on the International 2000 in Minneapolis/St. Paul to be paid to A.A. 45 days after the last AA. meeting, be renegotiated in the spirit of not accepting payment of money from an outside agency to pay our expenses.