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 How G.S.O. is supported

(from the A.A. Service Manual, page S130)
According to our Seventh Tradition every A.A. group ougth to be fully self-supporting. That includes such pooled services as G.S.O.
All activities at G.S.O. are lumped into two categories for the purpose of reporting expenses: service and publishing expense. In the past A.A. groups contributed enough to cover about two-thirds of the service expense. The remainder was covered by publishing income, which was in excess of that required for publishing expense.
So, in 1986, the General Service Board asked for a special effort to inform the Fellowship of the dangers inherent in this situation; particularly that a substancial fraction of the publishing income now comes from outside sources. The effort was begun to inform the groups about this growing problem. The challenge was to make G.S.O.'s service work self-supporting through contributions of the membership and to sell literature at cost to everyone.

Do you know how those principles are actually practiced by our service entities A.A.W.S. and  G.S.O.?