(Nov7, 1996)
M: I wonder if you have a Munich German Edition of the Big Book here (at AAWS, Inc.)?
J: Yes we have. Why?
M: Can I have it for a moment?
G: (suspicious) What for?
M: I wanted to show you that in this book at the very places we just now discussed the words "directly" and "moral" are missing. There are other mistakes and wrongs as well -- although it was proof-read and confirmed by AAWS,  copyrighted and "conference-approved." The integrity of the AA message is already destroyed. And the aim of Big Book Study Group [BBSG] in Germany is to restore it.
G: (dumbstruck, but recovering after a while ...) We of AAWS have no influence on that. You have to work this out within your German service structure! Don't tell me anything but get in contact with them.
M: Several AA friends tried to do so for years and years. They still write letters to many service entities, and make requests to the GSC and so on. First of all those things are ignored. If not entirely ignored they are submitted to the editorial committee and afterwards ignored there. Anyhow, corrections were neither promised nor done until today. I can refer to all of this in detail and produce documents of evidence if you or AAWS wants to listen.
G: I will not engage in any controversy. I have no opinion on that issue.

This, however, changed. Same George Dorsey dropped his mask an revealed his and his incorporation's real face by endorsing attorneys to bring criminal charge and civil lawsuits against AA group members and non-alcoholics. See power of attoreney signed by "George Dorsey" and his successor "Greg Muth".

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Unterzeichnete erteilt hiermit den Rechtsanwälten
Hans Roth, Frieder Roth, Dr. Gerd Wiedemann
in München

Vollmacht zur Vertretung in Sachen gegen

M_____ _______



Auch räume ich denselben alle nach §§ ... und .. ZPO den Bevollmächtigten zustehenden Befugnisse mit 

der ausdrücklichen Ermächtigung ein, Geld und Geldeswert für Voll-
machtgeber in Empfang zu nehmen und hierüber rechtsgültig zu quittieren, Anerkenntnisse abzuge-
ben, Vergleiche abzuschließen und die Aufhebung von Arresten und einstweiligen Verfügungen zu
beantragen. Die Vollmacht ermächtigt insbesondere zur Stellung von Anträgen auf Scheidung der Ehe und Anträgen in Folgesachen, zur Erhebung der Widerklage sowie Vornahme und Entgegennahme von 
Zustellungen und der Einlegung und Zuhilfenahme von Rechtsmitteln.

Endlich ermächtige ich dieselben, in allen durch Einleitung der Zwangsvollstreckung entste-
henden Rechtsstreitigkeiten als Bevollmächtigte zu handeln sowie diese Vollmacht ganz oder teil-
weise einem Dritten zu übergeben.

Besonders ermächtige ich dieselben, die Vollstreckung aus vorläufig vollstreckbaren Urteilen 
und zu Arresten und aus einer einstweiligen Verfügung zu bestätigen.
Zugleich werden alle von dem Bevollmächtigten für Vollmachtgeber bereits vorgenommenen 
Handlungen genehmigt.

Die Bevollmächtigten sind berechtigt die anfallenden Handakten sechs Monate nach Ertei-
lung der Endabrechnung oder sonstigen Erledigung des Mandates zu vernichten, sowie sich aus den
für den Vollmachtgeber eingehenden Geldern bezüglich ihrer Kostenforderung zu befriedigen.

München den 31. Oktober 1997
George E. Dorsey President

notariell beglaubigt Notary Public New York
========================= Translation ===================================
Power of attorney

The Undersigned grants hereby to attorneys 

Hans Roth, Frieder Roth, Dr. Gerd Wiedemann
in Munich

Power of attorney to bring lawsuits on his behalf against

M_____ _______

because of 

Copyright violation

Also, I grant them all power according to German Law Articles ... ZPO and the expressed power to grasp 
money and other financial assets in the name of the undersigned and to legally issue a receipt for it, to
declare and admit anything in the name of the undersigned, to enforce settlements and to claim a stop to confinement and interim injunctions. This empowerment especially entitles to claim divorce of marriage and all following matters, to bring counter suits as well as to receive legal papers and to make any legal motions in the lawsuit.

Moreover I empower them in all matters of compulsory execution and related lawsuits to act on behalf of the undersigned and to transmit this empowerment to third parties in part or in full.

Especially I empower the attorneys to enforce and approve of execution of executable court orders and sentences and of confinement and of interim injunctions. Additionally all measures already taken by the attorneys in the name of the undersigned in the past are hereby approved.

The empowered attorneys are entitled to destroy all produced legal papers and notes within six month after final payment or any other end of the mandated job and to satisfy themselves regarding their invoices from any money coming in for the undersigned.

Munich, October 31, 1997


George E. Dorsey President

Duly notarized Notary Public New York

(translators note: Dorsey issued this legal paper without being duly authorized to do so by AA General Service Board Inc., the full owner of AAWS Inc. An AA General Service Board Inc meeting was held only afterwards, when everything was already done and in place. Dorsey directed German General Manager to take legal action on Auguast 26, 1996 (repeat 1996) The criminal charges against AA Big Book Study Group (BBSG) and against Matthew wer filed in April 1997. The AA GSB Inc. Board Meeting was held long after in Nov 1997 !)


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