AA MEXICO / TWO FACTIONS …a brief summary

   A crisis has been materializing in AA Mexico, resulting in two factions. In 1986 when the 2nd faction broke off from Central Mexico, they called themselves Section Mexico and continued publishing AA literature for their groups. In 1987, the General Service Conference (USA/Canada) modified Article II of our Conference Charter to authorize the USA/Canada Conference to "DELEGATE the sole right" of literature publishing to the General Service Board of each country.
Did this change replace the former autonomy of foreign structures with a form of government? (Compare the Original Charter, Article II with the Current Conference Charter, Article II of The AA Service Manual)
   The 1st faction, Central Mexicana, obtained permission to exercise its legal right against the infringing faction, Section Mexico, from A.A. World Services, Inc. in February of 1994.  After the Mexican authorities confiscated the literature from Section Mexico in June 1994, Section Mexico wrote a letter to the General Service Conference, USA/Canada, petitioning for the redress of a personal grievance.  A response was not immediately forthcoming.  The General Service Board decided that it was an "internal problem" in Mexico–they believed that everything was 'legal'; the Spiritual intent of Concept V was not considered.
An interesting  question arises; if we have taken the authority by changing the Conference Charter, Article II, do we not also have to take the responsibility?
This also brings up whether or not, by this change  in the Conference Charter, we have gone against Warranty Six in Concept XII.

The following background information has been re-typed, verbatim, from various letters, documents,  and other supporting materials in regard to the issue of, "Mexico - Two Factions."
The material is presented in chronological order.
We hope this material will help clarify the, "Mexico Situation."
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