An excerpt from the 1990 World Service Meeting Report


Page 44:

Considerable concern was expressed for the protection of A.A. copyrights. Argentina, Norway and Guatemala reported on specific difficulties they have experienced in registering A.A. trademarks and logos.  One of the Central Mexico delegates reported that in his country copyright infringement has occurred-an organization is publishing A.A. literature without authorization.  The Central Mexican GSO hopes to establish  a committee to monitor  the situation.

In reference to this problem, the general manager of GSO/New York, explained that the copyright and trademark lawyers retained by A.A. World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S) have advised the offending parties that if they do not cease this activity, the matter will be pursued in the Mexican courts.  These measures may prove to be costly, but it is the responsibility of A.A.W.S. to protect our copyrights and registered trademarks; failure to do so may result in their loss.  A.A.W.S. is extremely interested in knowing if and how our trademarks have been registered in other countries.  It has been found that in some cases registration has been carried out incorrectly.

   The Australian delegate suggested that, in the interest of avoiding an unnecessary repetition of errors, and to protect ourselves against damages in possible court action, the General Service Board of each participating countries take a "legal audit" to determine if our trademarks and logos have been properly registered and if the various Boards are adequately covered for civil liability, and proposed that the results of such  audits be shared at the next World Service Meeting

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