February 10, 1994 - Letter from the General Manager of GSO to the A.A. World Service, Inc. Directors

To:      AAWS Directors
From: George D. General Manager of GSO
Re:      GSO (Central) Mexico

   After further communication between our attorneys and the attorneys for the (Central) Mexican General Service Board, as well as between GSO and GSO (Central) Mexico, it has been clarified that a letter as per the attached should suffice to permit the (Central) Mexican General Service Board to proceed as is authorized by the License Agreement that we gave them.  Please note that the letter does not ask them to proceed but simply states that we have "no objection" to their taking action. (How tricky! Real alcoholics!)

   The (Central) Mexican General Service Board meets on February 26 and they would very much like to have the letter from us as it will be their last meeting before the (Central) Mexican General Service Conference.  Their Conference, last year, asked the Board to take appropriate steps to protect copyrighted material.  Tom (GSO Services Director) or I will try to be in touch with each of you.  If there appears to be a problem, we can try to arrange a conference call.  We would, in any event, like to have a definite response to our Mexican friends by the end of the next week.

George D.

Letter sent to Central Mexicana on February 17, 1994  See original documents 

Central Mexicana de Cervicios Generales
de Alcoholicos Anonimos, AC
Av. Cinco de Mayo No. 39
Col. Centro
06000 Mexico, D.F.

Dear Sirs:

   We understand that you wish to take appropriate legal action for copyright and trademark infringement against infringers in Mexico.  As you know, A.A.W.S. Inc., the trademark and copyright owner, has licensed its trademarks and copyrights to you.  Paragraph 7 of the copyright license provides that you, as the Licensee, may take appropriate legal action regarding infringement in your own name.  The purpose of this letter is to formally advise your that A.A.W.S, Inc. has no objection to your starting any legal action that you deem necessary to protect the copyrights and trademarks which have been licensed to you before any judicial or administrative authority, including but not limited to the Attorney General's Office, the Mexican Trademark Office of the Commerce Department and the Copyright Office of the Commerce Department and the Copyright Office.  Any such action will of course be at your cost.

Very truly yours,

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Mr. George D. General Manager

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