To : The General Service Conference members - United States and
  Canada Section.

Date : February 18, 1998

Subject : A petition for the redress of personal grievances

On July, 1994, and according to the Fifth Concept for World Service, we made an "appeal" petition for the redress of grievances before the United States and Canada General Service Conference, for we had been sued through criminal court by Central Mexican, --who had been encouraged and authorized by the Services Director of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. We presume this punitive action had its origin on the arbitrary alteration made to Article Two of the Original Conference Charter; alteration which has validated these acts of government, and which infringe the principles based on the AA Tradition.

We were never given an answer, not even a hint that we had been listened to.

Today, we again see with deep pain that the punitive actions are being repeated over and over again. How rightly were Bill's warnings that: "It's the same; when we have our first drink. the next ones come by themselves."  The problem then resides in doing something the first time; afterwards nothing can stop us.  Our concern now is about the last lawsuit --one more of the endless list-- now prosecuting our AA fellow M. from Germany. It has been AA World Services in association with the German General Service Office, without neither the least respect to the Fifth Warranty of Concept Twelve, nor to Tradition Ten, that are prosecuting our friend so as to punish him for he 'dared' doing Twelve-Step work: giving generously some Big Books --Alcoholics Anonymous 1st edition-- which is now, by God's mercy, in the public domain.

This very fact has strengthened what we have suspected from some time before: that AA World Services, Inc. has turned from being the assistant of the guardian of Alcoholics Anonymous' spiritual legacy, into the executor who becomes the owner of the heritage.

It is our opinion that no one can block off the carrying of the AA message through depriving the twelve-stepping anonymous alcoholic the resources to do so.  We stand as firm believers on the maxim: "Freely ye have received;  freely give."  Facts seem to indicate that some do think the message is to be carried, however not freely.

In its entirety, Section Mexico of the General Service Conference, respectfully comes to urge you to extend our fellow alcoholic M. an apology.  Our motivation to "appeal" is based out of human solidarity, and also because we believe that this kind of personally punitive actions have seriously fractured the Unity in AA, and thus are affecting our Fellowship all around the world.




The General Service Conference members - United States and
Canada Section.
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February 18, 1998

We again look forward to being heard this time around.


    "We are Alcoholics Anonymous.
       Any section of Alcoholics Anonymous groups
       may join with us.
       We are responsible only to a loving God
     as expressed in our group conscience."

In Fellowship,
Conference: "Vital for A.A. Growth."

Dr. José Ignacio Guzman, MD
Chairman,General Service Board
Section Mexico of the General Service Conference
Junta de Servicios Generales de A.A.
Independencia 101-23
06000 Mexico, D.F.
phone/fax ++52-5-510-25-62 http://www.centraldeabastos.com.mx/alcoholicos-anonimos

Copy : To Delegates of the German General Service Conference April 3-5, 1998
  Messrs. [German AA leaders]
  ·Bodo D. - Anonyme Alkoholiker Interessegemeinschaft e.V., Germany
  ·Joachim Z. - A.A.I.e.V.
  ·Heinz-Peter R.  - A.A.I.e.V.
  ·Johannes P. - A.A.I.e.V.