In 1955 the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous assumed the responsibility for A.A. World Service. Bill W. Made this own name and in Dr. Bob's name.

At that time Bill would say that we in AA were together, and that we knew we were going to stay together. That we were at peace with each other and with the world around us. That so many of our conflicts had been resolved that destiny seemed secure. The problems of yesterday had produce the blessings of today.

In ST. LOUIS MISSOURI IT WAS THEREFORE RESOLVED : that the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous, should become the guardian of the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the perpetuators of the world services of our Society, the voice of the group conscience of our entire fellowship, and the sole successors of its cofounders, doctor Bob and Bill.

Throughout his political speculation, the French political scientist, Alexis de Tocqueville, insisted that the greatest danger to democracy would always be the "tyranny" of apathetic, self-seeking, uninformed, or angry majorities.

Only a truly dedicated, quite willing to protect and conserve minority rights and opinions could, he thought guarantee the existence of a free and democratic society. All around us in the world today we are witnessing the tyranny of majorities and the even worse tyranny of very small minorities invested with absolute power. De Tocqueville would have neither, and we AA's can heartily agree with him.


Article 2 of the Original Conference Charter-1955, was updated by the 1987 Conference )USA/Canada) to read : "Foreign lands in many cases have created autonomous General Service Conferences of their own, which rely on the Steps and Traditions protected by the Conference (US and Canada) and in other ways turn to the actions of the Conference for guidance. In countries where a General Service structure exists, the United States/Canada Conference will delegate sole right to publish our Conference-approved literature to the General Service Board of that structure".

This last change has bee sweeping over the Traditions and has then given rise to an outright conflict concerning all the principles which gave birth to AA principles. It used to be that any individual, committee service board or AA service entity would all operate under an egalitarian assumption ; this way, no group or service was, ever, in no authority position over another. Currently-as an undesirable outcome of this reform-the eventual conflict with the original intention is easily recognizable.

First, the updating has placed an AA service entity in a position of unqualified authority over any other, all over the world. Second : there is every likelihood that "acts of government" turn into a part of our AA service structure as a whole.

Through several decades, at least in our country, AA principles protected our Fellowship from the dangers of power, domination, glory and money, and their ruinous aftermath.

It was not but until the last decade that a convergence of historic events within our Fellowship began to come forth , in both MÈxico and the USA/Canada Sections of the General Service Conference. The Mexican Structure-through several years of service, suddenly became the seat of perilous power and wealth. This is, the final responsibility for our AA services was not residing any more is the collective conscience of our Mexican Fellowship, this is the AA groups. The traditions and the concepts were not the guidelines of the structure, but the dictatorship of a powerful manager along with a board of advisers. This way, the "Right of Decision" ; the "Right of Participation", and the "Right of Appeal", were irrevocably deserted. The alcoholics service members were often the object of ostracism and discrimination.


In 1986, after much praying and asking God for His guidance and His will, eight areas made the historic decision to split up, This separation was named the Section Mexico of the General Service Conference, and our movement, has been nicknamed "Back to Basics". We adhere to the Conference Plan as strictly as possible. The primitive figure has raised, and we are now twenty-one areas, and our structure keeps growing.

Shortly after the conflict in Mexico, the USA/Canada GS Conference, suddenly came up subverting the spiritual basis of the AA movement, when they took the unilateral decision of modifying Article 2 of the Conference Charter.

They thus undoubtedly have placed themselves in authority over ALL OTHER Selections of the Conference.

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