WE, OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, are a fellowship of men and women who were once hopeless. Nearly all have recovered. Our drinking problem is solved. We are average people. Alcoholics from many countries and occupations are represented, as well as many political, economic, social, and religious backgrounds. We are people who normally would not mix. But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful. We are like the passengers of the Titanic the moment after rescue from shipwreck when fellowship, joyousness and democracy overcome differences between low cost tourist class and first class passengers at the Captain's table. Unlike the feelings of the ship's passengers, however, our joy in escape from disaster does not subside as we go our individual ways. The feeling of having shared in a common catastrophe is one element in the powerful cement which binds us. But that in itself would never have held us together as we are now joined. The tremendous fact for every one of us is that we have discovered a common solution. We have a way out on which we can absolutely agree, and upon which we can join in brotherly and harmonious action -- the Twelve Steps.

There are no fees nor dues whatsoever. The only requirement for membership in this spiritual entity called AA is an honest desire to stop drinking. We are not allied with any particular faith, sect or denomination, nor do we oppose anyone. We simply wish to be helpful to those who are afflicted.

We of Alcoholics Anonymous keep few skeletons in the closet.  Everyone knows about the others' alcoholic troubles.  This is a condition which, in ordinary life, would produce untold grief; there might be scandalous gossip, laughter at the expense of other people, and a tendency to take advantage of intimate information.  Among us, these are rare occurrences.  We do talk about each other a great deal, but we almost invariably temper such talk by a spirit of love and tolerance.

For uninformed members it is sometimes hard to get information about the recent history of our fellowship. We can provide here what we get from you. Intimate information is password protected and not available to the public. Though it is necessary inside the fellowship to know and exchange personal things including (but not limited to) names, phone numbers etc. we need always maintain personal anonymity of all AA members at the level of press, radio and films.

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